There is a fantastic legend about a great shark called Yago, the great hero of the sea. They said he was a hero because when there was a storm on the high seas, Yago stood next to the small boats and as if it were a huge wall protected them from the wind with its huge fin. It was so high that when it sailed the sea it looked like a large sailboat.

Its skin shone reflecting the rays of the sun and moonlight. In his mouth he had many layers of sharp teeth, they were the whitest and cleanest across those crystalline waters. One moonlit night, while Yago was sleeping, he noticed something stuck in his fin.

-What happened? What’s stuck in my fin that won’t let me swim?

And in pain, he let himself be carried away by the waves in the dark blue of the sea.

Several miles to the south, there was a broken boat in which a happy but frightened family was drifting and couldn’t return home. The mobile phones had lost their coverage in that hidden place so they could not ask for help.

With the first rays of sunshine they suddenly felt a huge shock! ….pim pam pum! It was Yago against the boat… Mary, the mother, warned her son Martin and everyone looked out to see what had just happened….

-Ohhh…. No…. Daddy, Mommy, it is a poorly hurt shark!

Yago had a piece of soda can stuck in his fin. How that could have gotten there? No one could explain how in the middle of nature one could find that piece of can that should only be in the garbage.

Quickly the family set out to save Yago. They held on to his angular fin and Martin armed himself with strength and ripped off that rusted piece of metal… Crack! He saved the Yago Shark like a real hero!

Yago felt so happy that he took the biggest leap anyone had ever seen at the sea. Happy he could swim again. The family was proud of what they had accomplished together, but they were still lost with no way home.

Suddenly, Yago opened his mouth as if he were dedicating a gigantic smile to his hero Martin and let him see all his rows of white and gleamingly clean teeth. Then Yago took an accurate bite of a ribbon protruding from the boat and this way he grasped the boat. He began to swim and took them to the nearest shore and saved the whole family.

That same day they arrived home happy. When Martin went to bed, his mother went to kiss him good night and said:

-Do you know something, Martin? We are all superheroes when we protect the sea and we don’t throw waste on the beaches and their waters. Waste has only one destination: garbage. Together, let’s take care of our planet!

And that night Martin dreamed of the great shark Yago. This is the most beautiful legend ever known about the sea. Let your KIDIS Yago be on your back and walk safely with it.





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