Once upon a time in a big city, a huge dinosaur named Enzo lived with a fierce appearance but with a big heart and a beautiful desire…
he dreamed of sharing with all children their secret to be a giant: eat very healthy!

That’s how Enzo became enormously tall, so much so that at night he was able to kiss his friends the stars before going to sleep. He also became enormously clever, having the best ideas that had ever been known and had an enormously strong heart, which allowed him to be the fastest running and jumping.
He had achieved all this by feeding on all the healthy things his mother and father gave him when he was little.

In order to fulfill his wish that all the children would know how to grow up healthy, Enzo would visit them at snack time. He would strain his head through the window and give them a fruit juice that he had squeezed with his own teeth. Then he mounted them on his back and walked them while they finished their juices.

One day, he realized that he didn’t have time to be with all the children in the city because they were too many for one Dinosaur. So his big heart began to feel sad…

When the night came, his friends the stars realized of his sadness, he had never seen him like this… They talked all night long and suddenly, a great idea came to him!

Then Enzo told the stars:
-Stars, how about each of you project a reflection of me in the city? In this way I would multiply myself and I could reach all the children! – And he was so happy!

The stars loved the idea! They turned Enzo into KIDIS with its reflective dots and always on the children’s backs. Sometimes they even join the children themselves with a magic ribbon that protects them when they walk.

Enzo has already fulfilled his wish by sharing his secret. Now he, together with the bright stars, looks after and amuses all the children of the city…

Do you want to be giants, clever and strong of heart? You only have to do like Enzo, eat healthy. Now you can keep your delicious snacks in KIDIS!





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