Once upon a time there was a nice unicorn that loved to fly through the sky around the world. He went from country to country making new friends, he understood himself with people thanks to his joy and his constant smile, this was his universal language, that’s how he reached people, lighting everything with the light that he radiated.

Nacho always learnt the most beautiful things from each place he visited, and when he told about them in other places, everyone was astonished to realize the different and however wonderful ways of living life.

So many things he learnt thanks to his adventures traveling around the world! He learned how the people of those countries spoke, learned the songs they sang, their typical dances, and so many other things!
He ended up wearing some of the beautiful clothes that were used in each different place, and playing the sports that were practiced in those places. He entertained himself with games, some of them super fun and very different from those he already knew. Even more, he loved to taste so many different and delicious meals of exquisite and strange flavors. That’s why Nacho was so special, he had incredible ideas and he knew fantastic stories.
Everyone wanted to meet him and spend time with him!

One day when he was flying through the sky, enjoying an incredible view of the planet, which from above looked like an immense ball of colors and flashes of light, he discovered, the unknown country of Ignorance, a place where everything was darkness. The children were very sad and in its empty streets there was no music, no laughter. Its serious people have always done the same thing for billions of years: they all talked the same way, their houses were all the same, they dressed the same way, they played the same game and they even drank and ate the same food… and of course they thought that his was the only country on the planet, that there was nothing further away from their sight, it was a place where the most absolute boredom reigned!

The unicorn Nacho thought that he would have to come to their aid as soon as possible and help them wake up. He thought of telling them his fantastic experiences and teaching the children that they could learn new things and use their imagination. And Nacho went and did so and everyone was surprised and enthusiastic. Now they could talk, sing, dance, play and eat in different ways. He had transmitted to them that there are other ways to enjoy the adventure of living, filling it all with the culture of other places.

Ignorance, as the rest of the earth, became a fantastic place. Now from the sky you can see a wonderful combination of all colors, an intense blue color, a vibrant red color, the calm green and a sparkling yellow.

See when you go by plane how the kidis fill the planet with light, color and joy!





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